Our local town has everything you need.  Vibrant and friendly.  Local shop with creperia, bars, restaurants, shop, bakery and butchers.


Saint Jean de Cole village is quite small but boasts a castle, a large church, a priory, an unusual shaped stone bridge over a lovely stretch of river, lots of colombage (half-timbered houses) and it once won the prize for ‘finest roofs in France’.

The houses in the village are picture-postcard pretty, with many having the traditional tiled rooves of the region - the village has been said to have the most perfect roofs in France. There are also some very attractive colombage houses lining the streets in the village dating from medieval times


In the village look out for the 15th century maison de Senechal with its lovely steep pointy rooves. Also the Moulin Seigneurial which was fortified in the 12th century. Bourdeilles' church dates back to the 12th century and on one side there is a lovely walk leading up to it with a cobbled path flanked by lawns and simple gardens and attractive stone, medieval houses.

Wandering around the village there are lots of attractive spots. The viewpoint gives you a lovely view of the village below and if you are down by the river there is an attractive stone bridge which was originally built in the 14th century but had to be rebuilt in the 18th century following severe floods. The view from here is superb

La Rochefoucauld

The castle of La Rochefoucauld gives a remarkable illustration of the interlacing of politics and architecture all through the life of a family who has always owned the castle since Fucaldus erected the first fortification around 980.


Because of its special setting, the town of Brantôme is nicknamed Venice of Périgord and is the perfect place to wander around with its charming river banks, its Benedictine abbey, its Moines garden great for relaxation, and its beautiful restaurant terraces along the water.


Officially listed as one of « The Most Beautiful Villages in France» since 1993, it has welcomed pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella in north west Spain, visitors and tourists for over 1000 years. Two important historical monuments add to the cultural status of Aubeterre sur Dronne; the extraordinary, monolithic, underground Church of St Jean and the Romanesque Church of St Jacques, with its stunning façade.

Visitors and tourists can enjoy meandering through the ups and downs of the narrow streets, popping in to admire the many specialist shops, including a leather worker and potters, and then settling down in the village square, Place Trarieux, at one of the cafés or restaurants, comfortably shaded by ancient lime trees.

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