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Grand Etang de la Jemaye - swimming 

Grand Etang de la Jemaye is one of the gems of this magnificent ancient forest. The site is composed of a vast forest and six interconnected ponds. Used for swimming and watersports since the 70s.

Kayaking - Canoeing

Aubeterre’s kayak and canoe club will do all it can to help you discover this section of the Dronne river.

You can become a member of the club, learn how to handle your own boat and participate in the regional competitions, or simply rent your own canoe and discover the Dronne at your own pace.

Hot Air Baloon

Climb aboard one of the Périgord-Limousin's hot air balloons and enjoy a unique way to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Natural Park. Indulge in one of three balloon flights from La Barde to La Coquille, La Rochebeaucourt-et-Argentine or Videix. The Natural Regional Park is revealed through the delicate interweaving of small forested areas dominated by chestnut thickets, grasslands, parcels of farmland, hedges and copses, heathlands and wetlands, rivers and lakes and traditional scattered hamlets surrounded by old orchards.


A 10 min drive from Brantôme, Thierry proposes horse rides for beginner or experienced horsemen; from the age of 8 if the child has already rode a pony before, and from the age of 10 if they have never ridden before. Go for a ride in unspoilt nature in the forest on the heights of the village of Bourdeilles. The horses, born and bred on the farm, roam free over 16 hectares and come galloping when they are called. Here, the horse’s way of life is respected and lives free like a herd animal.

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